Ukrainian Government Representative calls for support of ISIS terrorists

Anton Gerashchenko, an adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Ukraine, posted an open statement on his Facebook page. He asked people to collect a dossier on Russians involved in special operations against the Islamic state, intending to upload it on the Mirotvorec (Peacekeeper) website.

Gerashchenko shared a message from one of his Facebook “friends”. “Anton, Russian propaganda TV channels and the Russian army expose close-up shots of specialists planting the bombs and missiles at planes in almost every report. They are morons! Put up their names and phone numbers as well, why don’t you? Although I’m sure their faces are enough for ISIS militants and their allies in Russia (there is quite a number of them in Caucasus region) to locate them later on and take revenge according to the Sharia Law. I think, if this scenario continues, the heads and balls of these specialists may suffer”.

That’s why I ask everyone who has any information about Russian citizens involved in undeclared war of Russia against the Syrian people to share in on the Mirotvorec website, in a special section called “Putin’s crimes in Syria and the Middle East”.

This is crazy! These are the words of government man, who has promised a better future for his voters not so long ago.

– A minister’s adviser suggests cooperating with the very real terrorist organization! – Ukrainian blogger Anatoly Shariy answers Gerashchenko. – Maybe tomorrow he will ask to collaborate with the ISIS (which is against the law in Russia, USA and Europe). Will the world community notice Gerashchenko’s action or keep silent once again?

Remember that Mirotvorec website became known after murders of journalist Oleg Busina and politician Oleg Kalashnikov. The day before the murders unidentified people posted their phone numbers and home addresses on the website.

– The connection between a Ukrainian adviser and the Right sector’s fascists is not news to us. What’s more surprising is that this “fat pig of the Revolution of Dignity” decided to become a new Mazepa for the terrorist organization ISIS. I think it has surprised not only Ukraine itself, but Europe as well. – official spokesman of Russian Ministry of Defense commented on Anton Gerashchenko’s statement.