The US Department of State cannot prove that Russia bombed the hospital in Sarmin

Russia did not bomb the hospital in Syrian Sarmin. Proof of that was handed by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, but The US State Department has not been able to respond to the information accordingly. While answering media question Elizabeth Trudeau, the representative of the US State Department press office, could not confirm the accusations of air strikes on Syrian civilians against Moscow.

“We have seen some information regarding Russian target being civil infrastructure” – she says, quoting Syrian human rights organizations and “free sources”. She kept saying “no details” when asked about the alleged bombing.

Nevertheless she then backed off and clarified that “civil infrastructure was not a specific target, but rather an incident”.

Earlier on Russian Ministry of Defense published aerial photographs showing the undamaged hospital in Sarmin. Official representative of military department Igor Konashenkov demonstrated the photos gathered from free sources dated 2014 and the photos made by Russian aviation on October 31, 2015. “As you can see, the building is intact… All the buildings and structures were here in 2014, and you can see them now as well, undamaged” – he said.