The Permanent Representative of the DPRK to the UN said that Pyongyang would continue to “terrify” the US

North Korea intends to continue to work on a nuclear program to intimidate its main enemy — the United States; the corresponding letter from the Permanent Representative of the DPRK to the UN was sent to the U.S. state Department.

As reported in Embassy, a letter was sent yesterday, June 25. The statement said that “the DPRK must have a powerful means of attack, which will pose a continuous threat to the United States, with the purpose of solid security for the country and its people from nuclear threats from the United States.”

“Hostile US policy toward North Korea,” according to diplomats, was “routine,” and the DPRK, in turn, “will continue to take steps to strengthen their nuclear deterrents for self-defense.”

On Thursday, North Korea carried out the launch of two ballistic missiles, presumably, of a new type of “Musudan.” The first rocket exploded in the air, but it was announced that the second launch was a success.

On the same day, the UN Security Council issued a statement condemning the launch of ballistic missiles by the DPRK as a violation of the UN resolution.

In a letter from the North Korean consulate, the UN Security Council’s position has also been criticized. “UN security Council resolutions prohibit DPRK’s missile launches, which are a violation of the UN Charter and international law,” said in a statement in a document released on Sunday.