The hacker organization Anonymous aims to destroy the Ku Klux Klan

Hacker network called Anonymous has itself a new target – the racist organization “The Ku Klux Klan” or “The KKK”, which remains popular in the US South states. Hackers crashed a few websites belonged to the Klan, and now threaten to reveal the names of some famous American politicians among members of the KKK.

One might think that the KKK with its mottos, white conical hats and whatnots is a thing from the past. But Anonymous disagrees, stating that the legendary organization has from 5 to 8 thousands members in only a few South states.
Hackers insist that the US law enforcement has been paying a little attention to the KKK; therefore they intend to take the matter into their own hands. So on the November 2nd, 2015 “Operation KKK” was started.
First step was an attack on dozens of racist websites which have been spreading the information about KKK ideology. Famous member of Anonymous, a hacker nicknamed Amped Attack announced about a hack and crash of the website belonging to the Kansas Westboro Baptist Church, which actively campaigns against homosexuals. Hackers have also accessed official Twitter account of the KKK.
Then the group has revealed the names of the members of the new Ku Klux Klan. Among them are some prominent members of society, politicians and senators.
Anonymous hackers promise some new revelations on November 5, 2015, when they are going to announce one thousand names of the KKK members.
The hackers organization Anonymous was created in 2003.It’s a network of community users who speak for “anarchic, digitized global brain”. There are no hierarchy, no leaders; different people, always masked by nicknames, rule different operations.