The first recorded case of the birth of a child with Zika virus in the United States

In New York, a child was born with microcephaly caused by Zika virus. The health authorities are unable to determine under what circumstances he was infected with his mother. Officials confirmed that the child has a lot of neurological problems, as well as a small brain volume and head size. The tests confirmed that the baby has the Zika virus. This is the eighth case in the United States, where the child will receive treatment for the Zika virus. Experts have been preparing for this scenario for many months and they are ready to provide assistance to families caring for an infant with microcephaly.

Mother and child are under medical observation at the state hospital. This case is a sad example of what the consequences are for pregnant women carrying the Zika virus. At the moment in the US there are at least 400 pregnant women who were diagnosed with Zika. More than 2000 pregnant women that were in the regions, where they found the virus, are being tested.

Depite travel trends, the health Commissioner, Dr. Mary Bassett, urged for all pregnant women, as well as those planning a pregnancy, to postpone any plans regarding a trip to Zika-infected regions, reminding them of the tragic consequences of the virus. Most cases of infection are travel-related, mostly as the result of travel to the Dominican Republic. The infection primarily spreads via the aegypti mosquito, the bite of which inhibits the growth of the fetus, leaving children brain-damaged and with reduced skull size.