The DPRK is on the brink of war with the Unites States

Pyongyang has promised “severe punishment” if South Korea and the US try to start a war.

The US and South Korea have made the Demilitarized zone a springboard for attacks on North Korea, said an open letter to the Korean People’s Army Mission on the border crossing at Panmunjom, reports TASS.

The North Korean military believe that the situation on the border was on the verge of war due to “provocations along the military demarcation line and psychological warfare, which reached an extreme phase” initiated by Seoul.
In addition, Pyongyang claims that Seoul is broadcasting propaganda 16 hours a day and launching balloons “with millions of leaflets, insulting the leadership and social system of the People’s Republic.”

The statement noted that the responsibility for the worsening situation belongs to Washington, which is pursuing a hostile policy against Pyongyang and encouraging the military provocations of the South.

The DPRK also promised “severe punishment” if South Korea and the US will try to start a war.

The winding, four kilometer wide demilitarized zone stretches 241 km across the Korean peninsula. Its center, the “military demarcation line,” was officially fixed in the armistice agreement on July 27, 1953 in the now defunct settlement of Panmunjom.
The signing of this document ended the three year war between South Korea and actually the United States, who fought under the UN flag, and North Korea, supported by China and the Soviet Union.