‘South Park’ Season 21 Spoilers, News & Updates – What’s Next On South Park [Watch Season 20 Finale Here]

‘South Park’ season 20 finale has just ended, and once again, fans are left on a high note. Unsurprisingly, the hit comedy show ranked number 1 in ratings, beating everything on television last Wednesday, December 7.

Despite being on television for nearly two decades, Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s handicraft has yet to lose its touch. Despite the tough competition on TV animation, South Park has managed to sail past through The Simpsons, Family Guy, and more.

South Park’s season 20 finale was no different. It was recorded to be the highest rated show on cable television last Wednesday, beating ESPN’s NBA game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Golden State Warriors.

The show ended with various cliffhangers, and also revealed that Cartman is still a jerk after all. Throughout the course of the season, Cartman was thought to have changed his ways for his girlfriend, Heidi.

South Park season 20 episode 10 showed the ongoing TrollTrace plot. In the episode, fans watched as Cartman and Heidi retreated to Mars just so she won’t see his email history.

The episode was purely satirical with hints of what is going on with the viewer’s world. Matt and Trey manage to take a shot at the “Troll Culture”, and once again, current presidential elect Donald Trump.

It goes without saying that Cartman, Stan, Kyle and Kenny will be back again as the show has already been renewed for its 21st season. The next season is set to pick up where this season ended.

Matt and Trey have decided to continue the story instead of doing different stories per each episode as they did in the previous seasons. Fans are looking forward to seeing how Heidi’s love triangle with Cartman and Butters are going to turn out.

Now that Cartman is back in his old ways, fans are left to wonder whether or not he still stand a chance with Heidi. Or will it be Butters who will be the best man in the end?