‘South Park’ Season 21 Air Date, Latest News & Updates: Comedy Central Confirms 2017 Release! What Will Happen After Season 20?

According to the latest news, Comedy Central already green-lit “South Park” Season 21, now the only thing still farfetched is what will happen after the gangs’ Troll Threat and Mars Exploration. Definitely, the TV series’ showrunners will deliver back Cartman and the others with a bang! In here is some plot predictions on how will the new installment continues.
“South Park” Season 20 ended with almost all of the people were tuned in. Although, the guys would be able to stop Denmark’s plans, many cliffhangers were left unanswered.
Moreover, “Comedy Central already has a contract in place to keep South Park on air through season 23.” Clearly, there’s no question about the reality of Colorado guys comeback.
Originator Matt Stone and Trey Parker can’t seem to let go of their creation. Positively, it is also the same for Michele Ganeless, President of Comedy Central. He even told the press one time that he won’t let go of the show’s legacy.
Taking note, the possible air date of the “South Park” Season 21 will be on September 2017. This is currently the most plausible timeline for it.

“The next season is set to pick up where this season ended,” Undoubtedly, there’s quite a chance that will happen. As per stated above, there were a lot of unanswered matter left after “South Park” Season 20 ended.
Some of the cliffhangers were about the characters’ love affairs. Referring to Cartman and Heidi, the two will have questionable relationship in “South Park” Season 21.

On the other hand, Sheila and Gerald’s marriage is in the rocks. This is after the latter is found to be Skankhunt42. No one knows what Shiela will do about him.
In all, it will be exciting to see how “South Park” Season 21 plot will continue after everything. Keep following Jobs & Hire for more latest updates about the TV show.