Seoul assembling special forces to destroy North Korean nuclear facilities

Beginning May 16, the Armed force of the Republic of Korea (ROK) began a program for training special forces soldiers who are specially trained to destroy North Korean missile and nuclear facilities. This was reported by the Special Operations Command of the ROK Armed forces.

As explained by the military, this program is in the nature of “refresher courses” for experienced fighters, sabotage and reconnaissance units. It involves a total of 170 sergeants and officers of the South Korean army. The training course lasts for two weeks. All participants are divided into two levels, regular and “advanced.” The goal is to train for actions to penetrate into the rear of North Korea, gathering the necessary information to detect and destroy North Korea’s missile and nuclear facilities. Special forces soldiers are also taught the signals for targeting for the ROK strike forces.

In case of conflict with North Korea, these 170 soldiers will be thrown into the rear of North Korea in the areas where, probably, the main missile bases and nuclear facilities are.