Russian politician suggested to ban gay-activists from entering Russia

Member of the Legislative Assembly of Saint Petersburg and also «anti-gay fighter» Vitaly Milonov wrote a letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, suggesting to ban US gay-activists from entering Russia, and not only them, but anyone criticizing the Russian regime too. The politician’s idea has already found support within the Russian Orthodox Church.

According to “Izvestia”, Milonov proposes an idea to act accordingly and create our own “stop list” of US LGBT leaders, gay culture activists, as well as political and civilian advocates of “marching against the traditional Russian family values”.

“Our country not only has a right, but simply must follow an independent cultural policy as an alternative to global dictate of moral corruption, originating from the other side of the Atlantic”, – Milonov’s statement says.

Politologist Sergey Markov noted that the total ban of aforementioned individuals would be improper, but limiting the freedom of movement of the number of people equal to how many will be denied a US visa because of rejection of same-sex marriage, is entirely possible. Among the “stop list” candidates he named the supporters of the criticism of the Russian military campaign in Syria, as well as politicians who openly support the current government of the Ukraine.