Opinion: ISIS Terrorists have reached the U.S.

The Western press launched a whole media campaign dedicated to the terrorist attack in Orlando. Journalists tried to divert public attention from the real circumstances of the incident. Obviously, the bloody terrorist attack within the United States, committed by an ISIS militant, has become a bombshell for the American elite.

It is one thing to warn about the threat of terrorism in other countries, sitting on mount Olympus in Washington, and another thing to miss the massacre under their nose. The terrorist attack in Orlando jeopardizes US intelligence agencies, the current administration in the White House and even the presidential candidate for the Democratic Party in the upcoming elections, Hillary Clinton.

So, the Western media will work to the fullest, just to show that the shooting in Orlando is not a direct consequence of Washington’s policy.

Conflicting reports began to appear almost immediately after reports of the attack on the nightclub. Initially journalists reported about an explosion inside the premises of the club, but then wrote off eyewitness accounts of the explosion on the police armored personnel carrier hitting the wall during the assault.

Meanwhile, weapons experts have expressed doubt that a single person, even with automatic weapons, would be capable of killing and wounding more than 100 people. In other words, the terrorist did not act alone, and there may be several options: either Omar Mateen had accomplices, or even he was framed.

The press insists that Omar was a lone terrorist. Moreover, it appears that ISIS was not involved in the terrorist attack in any way. Allegedly, Omar was “radicalized” on his own.