North Korean “Musudan” missiles are a real threat to the United States

Members of the UN security Council concurred that the DPRK ballistic missile tests violate all UN resolutions.

UN Security Council members concurred that the DPRK made tests of ballistic missiles, which were in violation of Security Council resolutions, said the Chairman of the Board in June, the UN Deputy Permanent Representative of France, Alexis Lamek.

According to him, members of the Security Council continue to work on a statement in response to Pyongyang’s activities.
Earlier, State Department spokesman John Kirby said that the US does not rule out that the UN security Council could tighten sanctions against the DPRK in connection with new missile launches.

On Wednesday morning, North Korea conducted the launch of two missiles, near the city of Wonsan on the shore of the Sea of Japan with a range of up to four thousand kilometers. One of them, according to the South Korean military, flew 400 kilometers.

Western countries classify these missiles as “Musudan” from the name of the North Korean missile test site location, or BM-25. North Korea later called the test successful.