Mikhail Gorbachev: I would have done just like Putin with the Crimea

The first and last President of the Soviet Union, whom many in Russia consider guilty for the collapse of the Soviet Union and in the West, is still honored for the dismantling of the largest “Communist Empire,” gave an unexpected interview, saying that it didn’t all happen quite the way people think, and the position of Mikhail Gorbachev is that he did the opposite, and he regrets the collapse of the country, and furthermore, that the USSR would still exist if he was not removed from power.

Gorbachev gave this interview to the western edition of the Sunday Times, for journalists for whom much of what the former President said was a fresh revelation. After all, for decades, they considered him “theirs.”

“I always just wanted to reform the Soviet Union, but never aspired to the collapse of the country,” Gorbachev announced to the British Sunday Times, “I regret that a great power with great potential and resources disappeared. In truth, if I were still in power, she would have continued to exist.”