Media: North Korea prepares strike on the office of the President of South Korea

There is a movement of troops on the North Korean firing ranges.

South Korean media reported that, perhaps, North Korea postponed their practicing at their ranges to strike at the office of the President of South Korea.

КAK reported that South Korean intelligence had seen large-scale training on the ground near Pyongyang. According to them, the DPRK military have built a full-scale mockup of the presidential office.

About 50 artillery pieces were brought together for it, including multiple rocket launchers and howitzers.
However the troops and equipment have been taken away from the range.

“The North, apparently, moved its troops and equipment out of firing range,” noted the media.

Now South Korea is trying to determine the intentions of the DPRK, whether they are going to abandon the attack or if they simply decided to postpone it.