Iraq: ISIS militants attacked a gas processing plant

In Iraq an attack by ISIS militants on a government gas plant killed at least 11 people, and more than 20 were injured.
A car bomb was detonated at the entrance to the plant that is engaged in the production of household gas in the town of Taji, located 27 km North of Baghdad.

After that, another car drove into the vicinity of the plant, in which there were at least six attackers with suicide vests. The extremists clashed with the guards, and then fire broke out in three storage facilities for gas cylinders.

The official representative of the Iraqi Ministry of Internal Affairs, Saad Maan said: “The security forces managed to bring the situation under control, once the pipes through which the gas was flowing into the storage facility were disconnected. Two suicide bombers were killed and three others blew themselves up.”

According to the UN Mission for assistance to Iraq, continuing violence in the country in April killed 741 people. The most difficult situation in the security sphere is directly in the metropolitan area. In Baghdad last month, 232 people were killed.