In Sweden, migrants attack the city and keep police at bay for the third day

Western Sweden is already the third day of the ongoing unrest. Young people often hide their faces behind masks, get into fights with the police, set fire to cars and throw firecrackers a passing transport. In total, the riots involved only about 50-60 people, according to the media.

The events broke out in the Kronogorden area of the city of Trollhättan. This neighborhood was built according to the state project of affordable housing and today, for the most part, is where migrants and migrants from rural areas live. This place has a reputation as one of the most dangerous in the city. “The evening and at night it’s a restricted area. Without a dog and weapons, it’s better not to go there, you will be attacked or raped,” — say the locals.

Rioters burn tires, throw stones at police, attack passersby and anyone who tries to calm them down. During the riots they smashed a few bus stops and cars, including a tow truck.

The police reported that to regain order resources from law enforcement agencies from around the western region were involved. Helicopters were also flown to control the situation in the Kronogorden area. Over all three days of riots no one was arrested, not even a single person, writes local newspaper Aftonbladet. There are no victims throughout this period.