Global warming “had a hand” in the huge fires in Canada

Experts, whose opinions were gathered British newspaper “The Independent,” agree that the cause of the wildfires in Canada was a “perfect storm” of factors, including global warming and the climatic phenomenon, El Niño.

According to one version, the snow cover in the boreal forest around the town of Fort McMurray in Alberta, the most severely affected by the fires, was minimal and quickly melted due to record high temperatures. This factor, as well as the lack of rainfall, led to the fact that the region had developed conditions almost perfect for the forest fires, according to meteorologist Eric Holthaus.

According to the portal, Climate Central, the boreal forest, consisting mainly of pine, spruce and larch, contain about 30% of the world reserves of carbon stored on land. Therefore, when these forests burn, they emit large amounts of carbon that contributes to global warming.