‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 7 News, Updates: ‘Game Of Thrones Season 7’ Filmed At Plaza De Santa Maria? Conor McGregor To Join Casting

The development and even the filming of Game of Thrones’ seventh season have already been on the way. After successful six seasons, the fans will be able to see and marvel the Westeros and Essos in the seventh time – a fictional world that already seemed to be true in the eyes of the show’s fans. Now, there are even reports about its early stages of filming, and other things one might want to know. But, what can viewers can grab something from its production?

One of these is the set of course. A big and ambitious show like Game of Thrones requires a setting not just close to reality, but also with a touch of more than fantasy lures the minds of every viewers. Now, at International Business Times, one of the sets being given much attention is of course, the King’s Landing. Being the capital or the main kingdom among all majestic territories and castles in Westeros, it should have much more than grandeur.
It is detailed in the site, that Plaza de Santa Maria would be one of the possible areas in shooting the King’s Landing. The place, located at Peniscola, is undeniably an ideal place for shooting dramas or scenes requiring grand picturesque of the castle’s surroundings. But, others would say that it would be better to just wait for the confirmed locations of the shooting, rather than hoping for nothing.

What else to expect for? Well, probably the possible joining of a martial arts star may give you more intrigue in the next season of Game of Thrones. The Siver Times had reported that the name Conor McGregor will make its appearance in either one of the possible last seasons of the show. So imagine a chivalric world of Westeros being visited by someone who has the skills of asian and western martial arts – totally bombastic!