Czechia suspects that Russia’s financing the influx of refugees to European Union

According to “Radio Praga”, Minister of Defense of the Czech Republic Martin Stropnický made an announcement that the Chezh government suspects Russia to be involved with migration crisis in EU.

“We see dozens of buses, meant for transportation of refugees to Central Europe, appearing in the Balkans region. We reckon that this is happening due to active financing from Russia”, – he stated. But the politician admitted the speculative base of his statement, for he does not have any concrete evidence of Russian “presence”.

“I can’t prove it, but I can ask some questions about whose interests this massive campaign follows. And I can sure tell that unified and strong EU is not the Russian Federation’s first prerogative” – the minister added.

Official response from the Russian Federations’ representatives has not been made yet.

Chezh Republic, among other countries of European Union, faced a massive influx of refugees from conflict zones, particularly from Syria. As reported, they tend to see Chezia as a transit on their way to other EU countries. From June to September in the Czech Republic 2.5 thousand illegal immigrants were arrested, while only 60 applied for protection. At the same time, the European Commission – within the quota allocation – placed Czech Republic under obligation to accept 3000 refugees. In early October, the Czech Republic has strengthened the protection of the border with Austria, sending more than 600 soldiers there. Chezia also decided to send 150 military soldiers and police to help Hungary to protect its borders against illegal immigrants.