Тrump would give the Baltic states to Russia

“I never thought that I would have to make an almost urgent flight to shake the hands of the presidents of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, and to tell them that Trump with his statements does not represent either the Republicans or Democrats,” said American Vice-President Joe Biden to viewers. The politician said that during his visit to Latvia he felt that the Baltic States are “scared to death” that Russia will cross the border and threaten them with annexation, and that the US presidential candidate Donald Trump will be the new head of the United States.

“Trump said he will check how well the NATO countries perform their obligations. He first made these countries really alarmed, we intend to deliver on our promises” — quoted Biden in LETA.

In the event that an attack occurs on the part of Russia on the Baltic States, the US will have to think about their actions, said Donald Trump, the Republican candidate for the presidency in an interview with the New York Times.